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Covid-19 Entry Restrictions and Rules

McGrath Irish Dance Feis organisers will be putting strict guidelines into place at their annual Feis which is compliant with the ACT Government regulations, to provide a safe place for competitors, families and spectators.

·       At this stage, the ACT currently holds a 1 person per 2 square metre rule. This restriction will be monitored and adhered to accordingly. Dancers will be allowed a maximum of four family members with them during their competition. This may change closer to the date.

·       All competitions will be finalised and result will take place throughout their time slot. Immediately after, dancers and their families will be asked to leave prior to the next time slot families being allowed entry. An additional class room will be available for use for hair and makeup preparations for the sections waiting to come in. The practice area will be available at various times for ongoing and incoming timeslots. These will be noted on the final timetable.


·       Additional cleaning of the bathrooms and amenities will take place during the day.

·       Social distancing in expected from all attendees.

·       Sanitization stations with be set up around the venue and it’s encouraged to continue to use.

·       If you or family members have been unwell in the 7 days prior to the Feis, please do not attend. Dancers and their families will be sent home if you have arrived and are clearly unwell.

·       The adjudicators and volunteers will be social distancing throughout the day. We ask that you follow protocol to ensure a safe day for all our dancing community.

·       Dancers will be expected to social distance when marshalling. Dancers are to remain with their families until their section is called. They are not to line up too early. Marks on the ground will assist the dancers lining up.

·       If you are concerned during the day or in the lead up, it is imperative that your first point of call is to the Feis organiser, Leanne McGrath. Please do not approach parents or student volunteers.  

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