Program Availability

Classes available for everyone! 

Tiny Tots

Dancers 4 years and under:

Using activities and drills to work fine motor skills and form a basic understanding of Irish dancing. These dancers have the option to participate in performances and competitions throughout the year. Classes are 30 minutes in length.

$13 per week


Dancers 5 years and over:

Understanding the fundamentals of Irish Dancing, the music and coordination. Dancers in this class have the option to begin to participate in competitions and performances offered throughout the year.

$15 per week


For dancers who have graduated out of the beginner class and are now onto both soft and hard shoe dances. Dancers in this class have the option to participate in competitions and performances offered throughout the year. Dancers now attend 2 classes p/w.  

$25 per week


For dancers who have graduated out of the Primary Class. Dancers begin learning harder solo material and prepare for the State and National Championships. Dancers who are invited to attend these Championships, must attend a minimum of 3 classes per week. 

$35 per week


For dancers who have graduated out of the Pre-Champ class. Dancers are invited to the State, National and International events. Dancers in this class are seasoned competitors and are thriving for more. Dancers in this class are pushed to reach their goals. 

$45 per week


For beginning adults through to returning competitors. A class to welcome all abilities.  The class is aimed at providing a fun and welcoming atmosphere for fitness, choreography, performance and competition purposes. You choose what you want to achieve out of the class and we do the rest!

$15 per week


Boot camp is aimed at our dancers, their friends and family members to provide a cross training alternative to Irish Dancing. The weekly boot camp is available to all students of all ages and abilities. A fun way to improve fitness, strength and coordination together. 

$10 per week


Practise at home! A weekly session for Pre-Champ and Champ dancers alike to work on drilling pieces and highlighting inconsistencies.  This class was a proven success during the pandemic and continues to provide our dancers with a 'Zoomed' in focus! 

$8 per week


Aimed at older children and teens, our recreational program focuses on learning Irish Dance without being in a room with young children. A focus on learning steps, meeting new friends, having fun and increasing fitness. This is a great class to combine with our Bootcamp program. 

$15 per week

Studio Packs

Competition Dance Wear, Shoes, Socks, Tape and other gear can be purchased at the studio. All items can be found on your parent portal and will be ready for pick up at your dancers next class. 

Ranging from $2

Shoes and Socks

Irish Dance Soft Shoes and Socks can be purchased in the studio and via your parent portal. 

Plain Socks: $12

Sparkle Socks: $20

Soft Shoes: $35

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are available with both Leanne and Senior Dancers. Private lessons are 30 or 45 minutes in length. Small private groups can also be arranged. Private Lessons can be booked via your parent portal. 

Private Lessons range in price from $25