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McGrath - Gavin Solo Costume Order Form


Deposit required - $300

It would be great if you could add a quick picture of your chosen colours and design.
A quick hand draw or fancy colour in so the dressmaker can visualise your concept. 
Costume prices are in Pounds. As the conversion rates change so often, please be aware that final payment will be made on completion of the dress, prior to shipping.

The total price covers a mock up dress that will be sent to try on. A video of your dancer in this dress is sent to the dressmakers to ensure fit. As you can see above, there are additional extras that can be purchased. 

Total Price of costume:

8 years and Under £675
9-11 years £775
12-13 years £965
14+ £1035

Shipping is £150. This can be shared between up to 4 costumes. This is not included in the price. 
Upload your colour concept

Congratulations on ordering a Gavin!



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